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About Finding Your Feet

We support families affected by amputation or limb absence through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects designed to positively affect both physical and mental wellbeing. Isolation is a huge problem for many amputees. It has been proven that quality of life and even life expectancy is greatly reduced without social inclusion, with as many as 30% of vascular amputees not surviving to one-year post amputation. FYF is key in addressing this issue. We are directly saving lives.


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To donate £3, text STUMPUP to 70331
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To donate £10, text STUMPUP to 70191

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“I was surprised to see how friendly everyone was, so many people came up to say hello and I haven’t stopped talking since I got here! I can’t wait to get more involved.”

Sadie McPake – below knee amputee

“Finding Your Feet changed my life in so many ways. I will be forever grateful for what they have given me back – myself and my purpose to help others. I want to help them make sure nobody has to go through things on their own. I hope I’m representing the charity well and making you all proud. ❤️

Dayna Paterson – above knee amputee

FYF is providing important stepping stones to recovery and beyond and just shows that you really can climb the mountain….and even abseil back down.  Not only have I found my feet, I have found myself.  Without FYF I would be lost forever.

Andrew Pidgeon, lower limb amputee

“Thanks to FYF I have done things I never thought I would be able to do!”

Charlie Richards – upper limb amputee

When I found the charity I was struggling with depression. I had considered suicide. Now I visit amputees in hospital to support them on their journey, and my family have said I’m back to my old self again. I can confidently say Finding Your Feet saved my life.

Simon Hall, lower limb amputee

“My husband had both his legs amputated recently. Our experience at FYF has been amazing. We’ve met people who are in the same boat and everyone treats you like a new member of the family. We loved every minute!”

Liz, wife of Tony Smith, double lower limb amputee

This is a fantastic group that can help to introduce you to a whole variety of new people and organisations, they will make you feel included and you will make a whole new group of friends.

Suzi Harkins, upper limb amputee

I have had more opportunities offered to me with one leg than I ever had with two!  As well as all the activities, I’ve got to meet like minded people who have been through similar situations. The community FYF has created is absolutely second to none, and I am very grateful for everything they have done for me.

Hope Gordon, lower limb amputee

Finding Your Feet has taught me that you are never alone and that there are always people that understand what you are going through and to support you in your journey.

Linda McLean, lower limb amputee

Finding Your Feet got me out of the house when all I wanted to do was hide away from everyone. Now I have new friends and doing things I thought I wouldn’t do. I still have really low days but I know I can message any of my Trooper friends and FYF staff for support.

Liz Webber, lower limb amputee
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