A Blind Photographer!

February 1, 2017

Blind double amputee combines passion for dogs and photography into his dream job!


Phil Lewis, a double amputee, has launched a dog photography business despite being registered blind. Phil has limited sight in one eye and is blind in the other, but he found a new lease of life when he picked up a camera for the first time five years ago. Now he has his own business combining the two things he loves โ€“ dogs and photography.

Phil broke his leg on a skiing holiday which later became infected due to diabetes, and he later made the life-changing decision to have it amputated. Due to the heavy weight being passed on through the use of his new prosthetic leg, he spent two and a half years in pain on the sofa as blisters continued to eat away at his bone. It was during this time that he started to read up on photography. Becoming more and more distressed with the agony of his blisters, Phil eventually got to a point in his life where he actually wanted the other leg removed. He is now registered blind and has two prosthetic legs but doesnโ€™t let that stop him from pursuing his passion.


“I am completely blind in my right eye and only the centre works on my left eye. But the camera sees for me. It’s so sharp. Photography has saved meโ€ฆ It’s funny how things work out. It’s my hobby and business, so I’ll never work another day in my life. I love it.โ€

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