Going home and follow up

The length of time it will take before you’re ready to go home will depend on the type of amputation you’ve had, your general state of health and whether your house is ready / accessible.

Before you’re discharged from hospital, an occupational therapist may arrange to visit you at home to see if your home needs to be adapted to make it more accessible.

For example, you may need a wheelchair ramp or a stairlift. If these types of modifications are required, the issue can be referred to your local social care and support services. Find out more about walking aids, wheelchairs and scooters and assessing your care and support needs.

It can take several months before you’re fitted with a prosthetic limb (if you’re suitable for a prosthesis), so you may be given a wheelchair to help you get around if you’ve had an amputation of a lower limb.

You’ll probably need to attend a follow-up appointment a few weeks after you leave hospital to discuss how well you’re coping at home and whether you require additional help, support or equipment.

At your appointment, you may also be given details of your nearest amputee support group, made up of both healthcare professionals and people living with an amputation.

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