Stump care

It’s very important to keep the skin on the surface of your stump clean to reduce the risk of it becoming irritated or infected.

Gently wash your stump at least once a day (more frequently in hot weather) with mild unscented soap and warm water, and dry it carefully.

If you have a prosthetic limb, you should also regularly clean the socket using soap and warm water.

When taking a bath, avoid leaving your stump submerged in water for long periods because the water will soften the skin on your stump, making it more vulnerable to injury.

If your skin becomes dry, use a moisturising cream before bedtime or when you’re not wearing your prosthesis.

Some people find wearing one or more socks around their stump helps absorb sweat and reduces skin irritation. The size of your stump may change as the swelling goes down, so the number of socks you need to use may vary. You should change the socks every day.

Check your stump carefully every day for signs of infection, such as:

  • warm, red and tender skin
  • discharge of fluid or pus
  • increasing swelling

Contact your care team for advice if you think you may be developing a skin infection.