About Our Clubs

We provide opportunities for individuals and their families to come together to share experiences or simply socialise.

We believe that losing a limb should not limit the opportunities available to anyone. We believe in accessibility and inclusiveness for all. We believe in #NoLIMBits.

We run a variety of classes and coaching initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for amputees to try something new, have a bit of fun and meet others in a similar position. All of our clubs and activities are free of charge to Troopers with many of them now being held online so you can join from anywhere in the country.Β  Take part in some past sessions here.

Our charity now operates in:

πŸ‘£Β  Glasgow

πŸ‘£Β  Edinburgh

πŸ‘£Β  Dundee

πŸ‘£Β  Fife

πŸ‘£Β  Ayr

πŸ‘£Β  Aberdeen

πŸ‘£Β  Inverness

The clubs and activities we run are now virtual as well as face to face and include:

πŸ‘£Β  Ampu-Teas (a get-together for Troopers!)

πŸ‘£Β  Quiz

πŸ‘£Β  Swimming

πŸ‘£Β  Climbing

πŸ‘£Β  Pilates

πŸ‘£Β  Fitness sessions

πŸ‘£Β  Yoga

πŸ‘£Β  Meditation

πŸ‘£Β  Counselling

πŸ‘£Β  Crafts

πŸ‘£Β  Skiing/boarding

πŸ‘£Β  Gardening

πŸ‘£Β  Strum sesh

πŸ‘£Β  Singing

πŸ‘£Β  Cycling

πŸ‘£Β  Bowling

We also hold ‘taster sessions’ through the year such as Golf, Go Karting and Disability Motorsports. If you’d like to try anything new, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!