FYF Support

We’re here to support you, when you need us and for as long as you need us.

The loss of a limb, whether through amputation or congenital limb absence, can have a devastating impact and will change people’s lives.

Finding Your Feet supports amputees and their families or carers in achieving rehabilitation and independence in hospital, home, education, employment and sport.

We provide opportunities for individuals and their families to come together to share experiences or simply socialise. From coffee mornings, arts/crafts and parties to Pilates, gardening, climbing, skiing and swimming, our sessions are designed to meet the needs of all ages while providing a unique opportunity for amputees to have fun and benefit from some support.

We can:

  • Listen and answer your questions about amputation and limb absence
  • Visit you in the hospital or in your home
  • Talk to you about your experience and how we can tailor our help to you
  • Put you in contact with others who have had a similar experience
  • Support you and those closest to you
  • Provide free opportunities for you to participate in sport and recreation
  • Signpost you to the appropriate support and information to which you are entitled.


Temporary update for Troopers:

Just because we are isolated doesn’t mean we need to face this alone. During this time while lockdown remains in effect, we are offering our services in an online capacity. If you are looking for support or even just want some company over the phone, we have staff and volunteers calling round anyone who would like a wee chat. You can find more info about this by logging in and clicking here. We are also holding our clubs via online sessions in our ‘FYF Clubs’ Facebook group you can find here. This includes Yoga, Pilates, physio, meditation and more. Make sure to request to join if this takes your fancy!


Clubs and more…

If you’re close to Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Ayr, Fife, Leeds or  Inverness, we have a number of Clubs you can come along to.  FYF cover the cost of these.  We do have plans to expand into other areas and will make an announcement when this becomes possible.

Our Trooper (amputee) volunteers have completed their peer support training allowing us to visit local amputees who are unable to attend our clubs and classes themselves.  Our ‘Foot Patrol’ volunteers provide support, introduce local clubs and encourage social inclusion where possible.  Our volunteers also visit in-patients once a month at WestMARC, Ayr,  Queen Elizabeth and Hairmyres Hospitals, giving patients advice and support as well as information about FYF.

There are ways you can benefit from our support even if you’re outwith one of our club areas.  We have a Facebook group called No LIMBits, which is where our Troopers can ‘meet’ to ask/answer questions about prosthetics, treatments etc as well as sharing stories and information. We also have Facebook chat groups for Troopers in all of our areas, which enables these Troopers to chat and potentially meet up.

We now have a whole team of staff, many of whom are amputees themselves, so there is always someone you can talk to who has experienced limb-loss, and who has come back stronger. It means we understand the challenges, emotions, and turmoil that you and your family face following limb-loss and the importance of having a support network behind you. We are that support network!

Please get in touch if you’re looking for support of any kind. Fill in the online form, e-mail us at [email protected] or just pick up the phone and leave us a message on 0141 258 4868, and one of the team will get back to you ASAP.

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