Junior Troopers

“Our daughter has had the opportunity to play football, rock climb, ride bikes and make new friends. It’s also been great for us to meet other parents who are in similar situations.”

We want to show those affected by amputation or limb absence that leading a fun, active lifestyle is still possible. With so much pressure on young people already, we give them the opportunity to have some fun and connect with others who have had a similar life experience.  Some of our Junior Troopers (amputees) favourite clubs to attend are the skiing, climbing, bowling days and of course our family Christmas party.  Other than seeing their young ones happy and socialising, a massive benefit for the parents is speaking to others who are, or have been, in a similar situation.

Not only does our work promote an inclusive environment for our Junior Troopers but it can also open doors to exciting and life-changing opportunities. In 2016, four of the young people we work with were featured in Channel 4’s “We’re The Superhumans” advert for the Paralympics. In 2017, the advert won the Grand Prix for Film at the Cannes Film Festival.

The events we organise don’t only benefit our Troopers, they also give parents and carers a chance to come together to share and learn from their experiences.  If you’re the parent or carer of a Junior Trooper and are looking for some likeminded support, you can request to join our private Facebook group here.   More information on the support we offer to family members can be found here.

I’m a parent to an 18 month old, who was born with one foot. In many respects we are just beginning our journey as parents, and Carys too, but already can see where some of the challenges will lie. Having access to organisations such as FYF is absolutely invaluable. We stay in the North of Scotland and there doesn’t seem to be many children in Carys’s situation (nor parents either) so having a network like this will make a massive difference. It has already given me great confidence and improved my outlook for the future.

If you or your child is an amputee you can register here for access to loads more information in the private sections of our website.  Or get in touch for more details.

If you’d like to see some more of what our Junior Troopers get up to, please visit our photo gallery.