Club Testimonials

We love to hear what you think about our clubs.  Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had below.

Craft image


“I had a great time at Silk painting. Very therapeutic, great fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to the next class”…Fred

Quiz 2021


“We had our last Quiz of the year and it was a fab one! Quizmaster Tony hosted a brilliantly entertaining festive-themed quiz.”…Connie

Santa, xmas picture


“I enjoyed the Christmas party and was happy to sing a ‘friendly’ song to my fellow Troopers, although I am not a singer, but it was only for fun. Lucy did well in her spot, the three wise men gave us a good Christmas Quiz and Cor, having us draw with our eyes shut, was a great laugh – you should have seen my Santa! Christine who is a great entertainer, did a great finish to the show but we cannot forget Santa who is always the star of any Christmas party”…Catherine.

Aberdeen archery


“Thank you FYF. The Archery taster session was really good. It may seem hard to believe but, although it was my first time it was very relaxing. The instructors were great which helped make it fun for all of us attending. I really hope that we can have more sessions. Thanks again FYF”…Tony

Ayr Ampu-Teas image


“I went to the Ayr Ampu-Teas today at the new venue Si, in Irvine. It was great to see old friends and new ones alike. We had a coffee and a good old chinwag. I’m a great believer in learning from other amputees who may be more established or experienced. Sharing our wisdom, knowledge and having a laugh in the group is what it’s all about for me” 👍😊…Stephen

Aberdeen swimming image


“On the 28th of Oct, Dave, Derek and myself went swimming at Aberdeen Sports Village. What a great day, The staff are brilliant, they looked after us as soon as we came through the door. I got hoisted in and out of the pool and the water is not too cold, just felt so good to be there. I enjoyed it so much I went to water aerobics which was great fun, an over 60’s class even if I’m not over 60! We also go along to the gym on Tuesday’s at 2pm, come along you might even enjoy it. From the Aberdeen area it would be great to meet more troopers coming along.”…Atholl

Glasgow Yoga image


“A great energy boost and stress relief. Come along!”…Ann-marie

Yoga Martin


“Hi I have just started going to yoga with the FYF troopers, well I’m about 5 to 6 weeks in now. When it first started way back, the other troopers said “you going Martin? it does help you with core and strength!” I said “no thanks not me!” I boo hooed it for about three years 😂But with a push from the wife saying, “just try it you don’t have to go again”, I’m glad I did and it does make you feel good. I can’t do what some of the others do, but it doesn’t matter I just do what I can”…Martin

Mishan Pilates Image


“It was great to be back at the Pilates class on Monday. Mishan is a great tutor and he explains all the exercises so clearly and lets you go at your own pace”….Alexander

Aberdeen Teas


“Hi I’m Ian and as a recent amputee and still in hospital, the Aberdeen Ampu-Teas was the first actual face to face meeting with the guys. The meeting was great, they’re friendly, welcoming and I picked up loads of helpful hints and tips on how to cope. I’ve also been able to join the weekly quiz on Zoom while I’ve been in hospital which has been great fun and a good way to get to know everybody. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough”…Ian

Paisley teas


“It was so good to walk in the door to FYF and see my buddies. 😊 Looking around the room, I realised how much I had missed seeing everyone! It was lovely to catch up and feel we are making headway out of Covid, actually being face to face is fantastic. The plans for the FYF Charity Hub are so exciting, I’ll be surprised if there isn’t a halo above the building. 😃 What an achievement to make this happen and help so many people. The cafe is a fab idea too, letting everyone meet and mingle. The future is looking good for FYF, well done guys and here’s to many more days!”…Cindy

Yoga Dundee


“So good to be back at Yoga with FYF to catch up with friends old and new and to feel the burn”…Nigel

Aberdeen fitness


“Hi everyone I’m Derek and I would like to say thank you to Finding Your Feet members and clubs. I don’t mind it’s an 80 mile round trip to get a fitness routine back for the next few weeks anyway, and would encourage anyone who is also an amputee, to come along as they have so far helped and catered for us and have things planned that we can try in the weeks to come.

I love chatting and sharing our experiences, and I look forward to meeting more people.  I look forward to Tuesdays now as I know I will have a good time physically and mentally. Hope to see you there as well”…Derek

Glasgow gym pic


“Started at the gym, Tollcross on a Wednesday. Anxious was not the word. “How am I going to manage?” “What will the gym be like…special machines?” “Everyone looking at this person who needs so much help? Shouldn’t have worried! Welcomed as if I’d been going for years and just a totally ‘normal’ gym session. Everything as it was when I was ‘normal’ Maybe have to take things a bit slower or for a short time until I get back to being active. But so much fun and relief to be ‘normal’ which I’m learning I AM!  Highly recommend, whatever level of fitness you are great trainers, great gym, great members.”…Clair

Troopers Kayaking


“I think this must have been the most nervous I have ever been before doing a FYF event but I really enjoyed it and will definitely do it again, I’m glad Valerie talked me into doing it.”….Brian

“I was excited to try something new outside my comfort zone and I am so glad I did as it was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also good to meet new people that we haven’t met before.”…Valerie

Aberdeen archery


“Having never done archery before I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I’m glad to say I LOVED IT! Being an amputee we tend to need to go at a slightly slower speed than others, with archery you can do that. The instructors were great, and I was surprised how quickly I was able to pick it up. Thoroughly recommend this sport to anyone”…Mark

Glasgow bowls


“I loved it! The women there are brilliant, they show you what to do and help out a lot. Everyone should give this activity a go, you come out feeling proud of yourself. I ended up playing 2 games!”…Cathy

Loch Ness Trip


“We had an amazing time cruising Loch Ness in the sunshine with some of the Inverness troopers!  It was so lovely to be able to chat with everyone face to face in such a beautiful setting. A big thank you to Finding Your Feet for organising it”…. Elizabeth

Loch Lomond Boat Trip


“The boat trip was amazing! I made new friends and took plenty of pictures of the beautiful scenery and would love to do something similar in the future with FYF”……Ross

Johann fife fitness


“Attended my first fitness class at Fife’s new venue Beveridge Park Bowling Club. It was good to see the other troopers, it’s been so long. Met Stuart our personal trainer. We did chair fitness with tins of tomatoes for 30 minutes. I really enjoyed the class and can’t wait until next week. Huge thank you to FYF for finding the venue and organising the sessions.”…Johann

Tom fishing


“What a great time we had fishing and Alex was so helpful as were the people running it…….. rainbow trout for our tea! thanks again”…… Tricia & Tom

Stuart bowling


“Today was a good laugh. The Bowling will no doubt improve in time. Already looking forward to the next session”….. Stuart

Barbara gym


“I joined the gym at Tollcross with FYF. I love it, not only is it challenging my body 😂 but also my mind. Thank you FYF for everything you do xx”…..Barbara

Dundee outdoor teas


“Thanks for the nice day, it was good meeting other people for the first time. Really looking forward to meeting you all again”….Sandy and Jane

Helen fishing


“FYF fishing has re-started in Fife! 👍…and what great weather for it! A very relaxing morning by the water in the lovely surroundings at Balmule Fishery – and a last minute catch for me too! So good to have some new folks from Edinburgh joining us in Fife as well ! (Helen pictured below) 😊…..Aileen

Mark & Dave at Aberdeen Teas


“It was great to meet up with Lesley & Mark on Saturday for our 1st face to face Tea’s”….Dave

“Although there was only 3 of us at the first face to face ‘Ampu-Tea’ it was definitely a case of quality over quantity, great company and I for one can’t wait until the next one ….”….Mark

Glasgow Outdoor Teas


“Amputees in the park was our first face to face group back after lockdown and the soaked , bird poo covered picnic tables were not very appealing. Instead, we went to the kids play park and all had a climb on the ropes and the wee castle and then had a shot on the swings – everyone forgets how much fun it is to workie up on a swing! Poor John on his first visit got a bit of a shock – never a dull moment at a FYF day out! Just a little bit more freedom but hopefully many more meet ups are on the way”….Cor Hutton



“During lockdown, I began to journal. I tried to commit to daily entries but life crowded in, so I manage a couple of rantings each week. I’m surprised at how easy it is to outpour. I might have a journaling prompt to get me going. My last entry was stimulated by the question : how can you feel more fulfilled in your life? I found myself appreciating all that I have but then gently setting myself goals for increased outdoor activity and additional time committed to reading”….Kate

Steve Fishing


“I’m fair looking forward to it. The sun is shining and no doubt the fish will be jumping, but it’s not a forgone conclusion that you’ll manage to wheich one out. That takes skill and cunning with just a sprinkling of luck. Last time I was there I managed to land 4 trouts all safely returned. I must have picked just the right fly. Hope to catch one this Monday. Watch this space”…Steve



“Sooner the better, also for your mental health, it will great to meet in the park or club. It’s been so long l don’t know who l am!”……Martin