Dundee Swimming Club

We meet every second Wednesday for our swimming club at Lochee Pool. It’s a small, quiet pool which has recently had the changing facilities revamped and are very disabled friendly. There is disabled access into the pool and once inside its all on one level. There are enclosed showers for privacy as well as disabled changing rooms with a shower and enough room for two to allow for a helper/carer. There are pool chairs to go to and from the changing room which is close to the pool and a hoist to lower you into and out of the pool. Plenty of floats, swimming aids etc as well if needed. So if you fancy a swim why not join your fellow troopers.

If you’d like to come along and give the club a try then please click on the link to login on our website. Once you’re logged in you can then select Dundee Clubs where you’ll find details of all our clubs and be able to register.