Glasgow Swimming Clubs

Our weekly swimming clubs are held at Easterhouse on a Wednesday and Tollcross on a Friday. These are both very accessible pools with disabled changing rooms and a hoist is available for access to and from the pool.  A swimming coach is available, but can Troopers please let us know when they register if they can swim or would need 1:1 support, as we have set numbers and need the info prior to the clubs. Corinne will usually be there if she can.

Please note all Troopers must complete a registration form before coming swimming. We can send you the form to fill out, and it only needs to be done once! You won’t be able to go swimming without it! You can also find the form in the forms section of the FYF App. Thanks.  

If you’d like to come along and give either club a try then please click on the link to login on our website. Once you’re logged in you can then select Glasgow Clubs where you’ll find details of all our clubs and be able to register.

“The swimming sessions have given me the single biggest boost to self-esteem and confidence since losing my leg below the knee. The feeling of freedom and support offered by the water have given me such a boost. Having others with me who have fallen out of the same boat has buoyed me no end. Watching the confidence of others grow as they overcome the deficiencies in styles and strokes has spurred me on beyond belief. It’s great fun and we all get along….swimmingly.”