Callum Deboys

Callum Deboys, 26 from Prestwick in Scotland. A motorcycle crash that resulted in the loss of his leg would change his life forever. Originally a chef working at the prestigious Trump Turnberry hotel, Callum has always had a drive to prove himself. Back in 2017, his life was to change forever after a horrific motorcycle accident that would result in him having to have his leg amputated.

For many this would be the end, the start of a downward spiral but not for Callum, he saw it not only as a blessing but an opportunity. This opportunity would go on to see him represent Great Britain at the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics to become the youngest British Para Nordic skier.

“Challenge yourself – it’s the only path which leads to growth.” – Morgan Freeman

This is a good quote to introduce his most recent adventure, one that for a while he never thought would be possible. When given the opportunity to compete in a Gordon Ramsay cooking competition, most would shy away with fear, but not Callum. After the loss of his leg, he thought it would be too difficult to work in a professional kitchen due to the amount of standing and walking required. The long hours and physical demands on his legs would be too much, but he saw this as a way to test his abilities in the kitchen once again and he jumped at the opportunity to grow.

“My accident has taught me a lot of valuable life lessons – we have to go through tough times to grow and flourish. We have to seek opportunity – it doesn’t come to those who sit and wait.”

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