Cor and Brian Smashed the Meadows Half Marathon!!!

March 2, 2020

Cor and Brian have one leg between them and this weekend they completed their first half marathon. Let’s hear it for team FYF!! ???

The conditions were far from ideal, with high winds and rain making it tough for the pair who were joined by a group of others to support the charity.

I have to be honest, I’m so glad it’s over! Training was not ideal. I had injuries and I was sore. Whenever I felt up for going out to practice there seemed to be a storm! I’ll be having a few days with my legs off to let myself heal now.

I’m lucky enough to be able to see exactly who the money raised goes to support, and that’s what spurs me on in every one of these challenges. The charity gives people their confidence back and gives them opportunities to reach their own goals whether that’s a marathon, getting back to work or just making friends.” – Cor

Brian Murray, who works as an accountant in Annan, captain of Scotland’s Amputee Football team and our Ampbassador, completed the half marathon without a prosthetic leg using crutches. He lost his leg at age 11, days after doctors found bone cancer in his knee. He is adamant that his amputation won’t hold him back from experiencing anything or taking on challenges.

What an amazing feeling it was crossing that finish line. I was actually quite emotional but I managed to hold it together. The support from other runners and people in the street was incredible. That along with the donations kept me going.” – Brian

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