Cor and the Trooper’s 2.6 challenge! ?

April 27, 2020

While most of us were enjoying the sun out in the garden yesterday, these amazing Troopers below were going above and beyond to challenge themselves and raise much needed funds for FYF. Can you please join us in thanks and giving a massive congratulations to Tony, Veronica, Cor and her super son Rory. ?

They all took part in the 2.6 challenge and quite simply they absolutely smashed it!! ?

So proud of you guys ???

Cor Hutton

It wasn’t quick or technically good but I completed my 26 PT assault course 2.6 times for Finding Your Feet. Rory did it 26 times perfectly ! Kids ?? I’m very proud of him fighting through the wall. The results were Cor £185 v Rory £546.25 but I suspect there was a bit of bidding against me! ??. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us. A fitting tribute to the London marathon. ?


Tony walked the length of his street 2.6 times on his new prosthetics as part of the London Marathon 2.6 Challenge! Until recently, Tony was using a wheelchair, so this is a HUGE step – literally! ? Halfway through, he says he hopes he hasn’t let anybody down by using the chair as a crutch. Quite the opposite, Tony – you’ve inspired us all.