Cor’s Abseiling from the Forth Bridge!

Cor will be abseiling for the first time since her double hand transplant…

She’ll be joined by a team of Troopers (FYF amputees) and fundraisers to abseil from one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks – the Forth Bridge. It’s not often that people are allowed on this iconic bridge, which is recognised the world over for its beauty and engineering genius, so this is a rare opportunity for a select few.

It’s a 165ft free fall abseil, landing on the glorious beach in the lovely village of South Queensferry. She’s been excited about this one for years and she’s finally getting her chance on the 8th October!

Why’s she doing it?Β 

Well, cause she’s a nutter of course! But she’s also doing it to fundraise for the amputee community that she’s helped build over the last 9 years.

“I’m mainly doing it to show how amputees can still do cool things and hoping my special hands work well enough to lower me down slowly and safely or at least they have a soft landing at the bottom!” – Cor

Can I help?Β 

Of course you can! Support Cor’s abseil by clicking the button below.

Cor Hutton Abseiling For Finding Your Feet