Ever wondered what it’s like riding an Electric Scooter with two prosthetic legs and two transplanted hands? Well, Cor’s gearing up to find out.

The Founder of Finding Your Feet is taking on the North Coast 500 – one of the world’s most beautiful road trips. On the back of a questionable second-hand scooter, she’s riding 500 miles to raise money for amputees in Scotland. The scenic route around the north coast of Scotland starts and ends at Inverness Castle, but Cor will be setting off from The FYF Charity Hub on Monday the 22nd August. This is the latest in a string of huge challenges, and we’re asking for your support…

Why is it challenging?

Well, for starters, when you rely on your prosthetic legs to keep you steady, it means you have less physical connection to the bike to keep it stable. This means Cor will be constantly using her core to stay stable. Pair that with her double hand transplant giving less grip strength in her hands and you can quickly see how it all adds up to being a tough road to follow. These usually come in threes so we’ll also just remind you – she’ll be stopping every 50 miles or so because of her tiny fuel tank with a top speed of 50mph. Some might say it’s not going to work, but people said that before Cor completed the London Triathlon or when she climbed Kilimanjaro. Since she founded this charity after a quadruple amputation, she’s constantly defied the odds set against her – so we’re betting on her once again.

Who does it help?

The money we raise through this challenge goes directly to providing activities, support and opportunities for individuals and families who have experienced limb loss. Our support has been proven to change – and even save – lives, and it’s campaigns like this one that let us continue our vital work. We know times are tough, but we can guarantee that anything you contribute will do plenty of good.

How can I donate?

To spur Cor on during her challenge and provide support for amputees, choose an amount and fill in the form below.