FYF Firewalk


This event is now postponed until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  As a team, we feel this is the right choice to make at this time and hope you agree.

If you have already purchased a ticket to this event, we will be in touch shortly.

Please let us know if you’re interested in this event by clicking on the Facebook event here and we’ll update this event when we have information about a new date.

For now, stay safe and stay positive everyone!


On Friday 20th March Finding Your Feet are hosting a sponsored firewalk at the FYF Office from 6pm – 9pm and we’d love you to join us for this exhilarating and extreme event.

We’ve teamed up with Brian Costello at Headstrong NLP, one of the top firewalk teams in the country. They have inspiring, experienced workshop leaders who are at the top of their field and have successfully helped hundreds of people walk safely on fire for over 4 years. They say that firewalking is an incredible experience and, in reality, is nothing at all to do with walking on fire. Firewalking has been a right of passage for thousands of years and the modern firewalking movement has been embraced by many of the top transformation professionals in the world as a means to unlocking people’s true potential and self belief.

What is a firewalk? It is a 12ft barefoot walk across hot coals measuring 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a real life changing experience.

It’s important to know this is more than just a FireWalking workshop. During this incredible, unforgettable few hours you will:
Learn how to conquer fear and how our minds can be turned to confidence and certainty in ANY situation
Tap into long lost reserves of confidence and belief before taking to the fire to take your 8 steps to Awesome!
– Learn how to easily access your own inner power and direct it to ANY task
– Rediscover deeply held belief in your own AMAZING potential and ability
– And, of course, use all of these INCREDIBLE new skills to take The Walk Of Champions.

These moments are where lives change. Yours can be one of them.

Walking on fire isn’t hard, in fact almost everyone can do it, young or old. The hard part is overcoming the fear. The workshop section of the event will teach you how to overcome any fear and you’ll get an opportunity to test out your new ‘mind over matter’ powers in a mini-challenge before the big event itself.  Here’s a video to get you fired up!

A number of the troopers took part in this event last year and we found that there were various options and work-arounds which made it possible for all amputees to take part – upper limb, lower limb, double and even quadruple amputees – there’s a solution for you all!  However, unfortunately we have been strongly advised that anyone with diabetes or any vascular conditions cannot participate, we know this will disappoint a few of our Troopers but your safety is a priority for us.

Entry costs just £20 per person plus we ask that you raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship each for Finding Your Feet. Please enter here! You can set up a fundraising page on Just Giving here.

Safety notes:
The firewalk is led by a qualified Firewalk instructor and Mind Coach who has led dozens of firewalks
It is very rare for anyone to experience anything more uncomfortable than an occasional small blister (or ‘fire trophy’). You will be asked to sign a liability waiver form as part of the workshop for the firewalk and other activities, and will be taking responsibility for your own choices and wellbeing.
Everyone decides for themselves whether to walk the coals, and when to do so, so be assured that you will not be coerced into doing anything that doesn’t feel right to you, the freedom of choice and the power are all yours!
Minimum age is 13.