The World’s Biggest Non-Event!

Sick of charity balls? Well we hereby invite you to (not) attend the Finding Your Feet Non-Event!

No-one can go out anywhere right now so it’s the perfect excuse you’ve always been looking for to NOT go to an event! We have infinite amounts of space, infinite tickets and an unparalleled, unlimited, unbelievable flexibility tailored towards you… Because we’re not going to do anything!

You get asked to go to events all the time and you want to support the cause but when it comes to the event… you know you don’t want to deal with all the hassle of getting dressed up and meeting a room full of strangers. Oh, and here’s a newsflash… all the money you pay for your table basically goes to the hotel and entertainment – not the charity!

For the first time ever, your money will go in its entirety to supporting the cause. In this case, our amputees.

Here’s Trustee Davy Hutton to tell you more…

Now the serious bit…

We have vulnerable people that need our help and we know that you want to step up and make a difference. Times are tough, there’s no doubt. We can either give up or we can make the world a better place by spreading good and helping those who need it most. This is how you can do your part for the community.

This is part of our Urgent Appeal because as much as our amputees need us… we need you, and we need you now. Fundraising, events and donations have dropped massively in the current climate. If you don’t help us, we can’t help the people who need us more than ever, now and in the future.

We may be disconnected physically, but we can join and form something big. Bigger than any event you’ve ever been to. The biggest non-event ever.

How does one attend a non-event? Well, one doesn’t. Just think of all the things you could do instead… This also means that if you want to (not) invite 20 people, you can. 100 people? No bother. Just fancy a starter? We’ll give you a wee discount. We’ll of course shout about the fact that you or your business is attending and get you a bit of feel-good promo in the process.

In short… give us your money and you don’t have to do anything else.

Make your donation here, or get in touch to negotiate a price!