FYF’s Climbing The Walls

August 13, 2018

FYF’s climbing the walls….in a good way!  Thanks to Slater and Gordon Lawyers now sponsoring our Edinburgh Clubs, our Troopers had the chance to show some amazing determination at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena on Saturday. With 4 newbies whizzing up the walls like spiderman, it was an awesome sight!! We’re sure everyone will agree it was fantastic day, with some of our climbers trying Ratho’s Clip ‘n Climb, which our junior Troopers gave the thumbs up!

A massive well done to all of our climbers and a special thanks to our volunteer belayers, Bobby MotherwellKeith Lynch, Mike, Laura and Arron Frizzel we couldn’t run the Climbing Club without you! Apart from the expertise you bring you also save FYF a lot of money! Thanks so much