FYF Vs Well-Being

Finding Your Feet understand that everybody is on a different journey and looks after their well-being in their different ways.  Whether your well-being is good or you need some support FYF is here to help.

FYF Footpath

The FYF Footpath is a commitment.  A commitment from you to work to reach your goals and a commitment from us to do all we can to help you reach them.  Our Well-being Team can meet with you and help plan your journey.  Your aims might be to re-discover what is most important to you or to build your confidence, interests and strengths.  We recognise that everyone has different goals, together we can get there.

We do this using our FYF Footpath where we’re with you every ‘step’ of the way.  To speak to our well-being team contact Lesley here.

Well-Being Calls

We have a fabulous group of volunteers who can give you a call to check in and chat.  All of our volunteers are either amputees themselves or have a strong link and understanding of life as an amputee.  Our ‘check in and chatter’ calls were originally set up during lockdown but our Troopers benefitted from them so much we’re continuing them on as the charity grows.

“I have appreciated the calls so much. The callers are so nice and I am totally at ease with them.  I would imagine someone on their own would find them comforting,  you do a marvellous job xx”…Kathleen Blenman


FYF are proud to offer our own in-house counselling service to our registered Troopers.  If you feel you could benefit from this extra level of support please get in touch.

FYF Peer Support Groups

If you’re an amputee and looking to connect with your peers, we have a couple of private Facebook group which you can access below.

No LIMBits: This is our general support group where you can ask questions, share stories and connect with others who’ve been through a similar experience.  To request to join click here.

Clubs Group: We run a program of clubs and events both virtual and face to face, which are free for our Troopers to attend.  If you’d like to get involved and see what’s on, click here.