Going Back….

November 11, 2018

Sometimes going back to the start helps you realise just how far you’ve come! 

“4 years ago today, I lost my legs on this track. For my last 3 anniversaries, I’ve wanted to come and see it again but I couldn’t bring myself to face this place and I’ve been really quite low for the month surrounding it each year. I’ve done it this year because I’m in a far different place mentally to where I’ve been. I couldn’t even feel sad looking upon the track now, because I love the way things are. Sure, things are more difficult physically as I’m still learning. But mentally, I’ve come so far in becoming comfortable with who I am and happier with my life as a whole, two things I haven’t felt since I was a kid. Where I once had many habits to escape my shitty reality, I now try to embrace and enjoy life as much as I can. Things can definitely become wavy at times but that’s gonna happen no matter what, the important thing is bouncing back. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to bounce back from, but I’m so happy to have done so and come out of the other side stronger than I went in” – Paul Johnston