Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2019

Brian lost his leg to cancer in 1980. He met Valerie at a dance and, although he had already adapted to life as an amputee, she was a massive help to him on his journey. They were married in 1991, and have raised two wonderful daughters together. Brian has gone on to captain Scotland’s amputee football team and become an ambassador for our charity. 

Last year, following countless operations to try and repair a broken ankle, Valerie began considering amputation. Decisions don’t come much harder, but she elected to have her leg removed. In this case, two halves really do make a whole. Valerie spent years supporting Brian, and now he’s there every step of the way doing the same for her. It’s a gesture he never thought he would be able to repay, but one he’ll put above everything else. That’s love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.