Here’s Our Story of the Decade…

December 31, 2019
Cor Hutton loses her hands and legs below the knee in a battle with sepsis that almost takes her life.
Cor starts Finding Your Feet, a charity offering peer support to amputees. FYF holds it’s first event in Arran. Cor carries the Commonwealth Games baton with her bionic hand. A group of 3 amputees or ‘Troopers’ attend the first ever Ampu-Teas session. Celebrities from across the UK come out in support of the charity. Cor speaks at TED X and is added to the donor list for a double hand transplant.
Cor becomes the first female quadruple amputee to climb Ben Nevis. She is invited to 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister. Amazing fundraising events, including an abseil and zipline, help FYF start a movement therapy club. Ampu-Teas attendance rises as the charity is able to reach more people.
FYF launches amputee football in Scotland as well as physical clubs including swimming and climbing. Cor is the fourth person in history to be awarded the Freedom of Renfrewshire. She also sets a Guinness World Record by cycling round Millport in a quadricycle, and is projected across London in body paint to highlight the need for organ donation. A team of FYF fundraisers including four amputees cycle 92KM in Dubai. A video of Trooper Dot’s leg falling off on a climbing wall goes viral, reaching over 4 million people.
Cor launches her book and completes the London Triathlon. The charity adds a new dimension by increasing its emotional support. Thanks to increased fundraising and corporate support, FYF introduces hobby-based activities for amputees including art, crafts and gardening. FYF holds The Bionic Bash, which is attended by over 500 people and raises enough to fund an in-house Counsellor.
FYF branches out across Scotland, starting plans to provide support to every amputee in the country. Cor leads a team of fundraisers to the top of Africa, becoming the first female quadruple amputee to climb Kilimanjaro. More clubs are introduced including Pilates, 5 amputees go on life-changing sailing voyages and the charity strengthens it’s partnership with the NHS. FYF is part of a life-saving sepsis awareness campaign in association with the Scottish Government. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says FYF inspires him. After climbing the highest freestanding mountain in the world, Cor agrees to a quiet 2019…
On the 8th of January, Cor becomes the first Scot to receive a double hand transplant in a pioneering 12-hour surgery. She is headline news for 28 consecutive days, appearing on The One Show and making her fourth appearance on Good Morning Britain. FYF opens a new HQ in Renfrewshire and extends to more areas, now operating in Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Inverness and Leeds. FYF’s activities and success stories are covered by news and press UK-wide. It now runs over 50 clubs per month attended by hundreds of Troopers. The charity increases the number of hospital visits, massively expands online resources for amputees and creates a peer support network with trained volunteers. Cor receives her second Honorary Doctorate, becoming Doctor Doctor Cor. FYF fundraising reaches over £1 million raised since inception.