Life After Limb Loss by Julie Gross P. T.

Struggling to understand what amputation means for you? Discover real life stories and strategies from everyday people with limb loss who have succeeded in living full meaningful lives Northern California’s Prosthetic Physical Therapy Specialist Julie Gross has developed a guidebook for individuals dealing with amputation based off her 30 years of experience and interviews with former clients. Let her share with you the patterns and skills that she has been able to identify in the clients who succeed in their rehabilitation versus those that struggle to regain their former lives. In Life After Limb Loss will give you’ll discover The type of amputations and reasons for them What to expect in the recovery phase Exercises to prepare yourself for a prosthesis How to cope with the reactions of family members Interviews with everyday people dealing with limb loss Advice from prior amputees, and much, much more If you or a family member are dealing with limb loss at any stage then get Life After Limb Loss and challenge yourself to rethink your idea of what amputation really means.Β  Pick up a copy here.