Moderator Agreement

Finding Your Feet Moderator Agreement for Trooper Chat Group

A Finding Your Feet moderator agreement is a clear set of guidelines on how you, the group moderator will monitor group meetings.

A group agreement is an important starting point which acknowledges each individual member’s right to respectful treatment. This should be agreed verbally by all participants at the start.

At least one FYF team member will be present in the chat group to monitor discussions at all times.

Requirements of Group Moderators:

Group moderators are respectful of everyone’s right to participate equally in the discussion OR not to participate, if they wish.

Group moderators respect that everyone in the group has different opinions, experiences, and backgrounds. Moderators should encourage inclusion, be aware of appropriate language use, discourage bullying and encourage participants to engage safely.

Moderators will be responsible to ensure any concerns or queries are reported to a Finding Your Feet team member. The main contact will be Les:


Tel: 07918013127

FYF recommend calls to held at reasonable hours eg. No calls should be started in the group before 9am or after 8pm.

Group moderators are in summary responsible for general wellbeing and a positive group experience, they are encouraged to look after everyone participating, including themselves.  If required, anyone may seek support before, during or after the group regarding any issues.

Moderator Agreement

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