Issue 14 July 2019

Hello Finding Your Feet Foot Soldiers! 

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch to let you know what’s going on. First of all, I’m typing this with my new hands!! I’m absolutely delighted with the progress – they’re moving in different ways and getting a bit of feeling back. Hospital has unfortunately become a second home as I pick up any infection that’s going due to my medication. Fingers crossed I’m over the worst! I’ve been down to London for the One Show and GMB (watch here if you’re not sick of me!), as well as a meetin19g with the Dept of Health about organ donation.

In other news… this year we’ve passed the £1,000,000 mark for money raised to support amputees! Read on to find where the money’s coming from, where it’s going and how you can get involved!
Cor xx