Issue 2 March 2015

Hi folks,

Welcome to the second edition of What’s Afoot! We’ve been super busy here at FYF HQ. As you’ll see below, I’ve been playing on my new FYF legs; the team attended the Skypark Pop Quiz (where we suitably disgraced ourselves with our lack of pop knowledge) and I visited the children of Fenwick Primary school to chat about reaching their potential.

I travelled to Essex to meet the family of Tracy Ralph, a fellow mum who, in December, tragically suffered a similar fate to myself. I hope I was of some support and comfort. Nobody knows what lies ahead for Tracy or others in her situation, nor do we yet know what help she might need. But thanks to your generosity and fundraising, our aim is to be able to offer support and assistance to people like Tracy and me.

Make sure you check out the dates of all our forthcoming events – there’s something for everyone.

Thank you to all those who have been fundraising for FYF and remember to keep us posted on what you’re up to so the team can help with any promotion.
Love, Cor x