Issue 7 January 2017

Happy 2017 everyone –  the FYF team never stand still for long and we’re literally starting the year on fire with our Firewalk this Friday! There is still time to get involved; more information can be found below.

This year we are broadening the range of classes and clubs for our ‘Troopers’ beyond the sporty sessions now already established and growing in numbers. We’re already checking out woodwork, ballroom dancing, upcycling, crafting and art classes and it’s only just January!  Combined these activities offer a very nice balance, hopefully appealing to more ‘Troopers’ and providing the opportunity to get involved in new things. HERE is a video which shows some of our clubs in action. Our clubs have proved so popular we are extending beyond Glasgow to reach even more Troopers and have recently set up regular sessions in Dundee. FYF also help our Troopers with practical assistance and provide access to specialist advisors such as helping with getting back in to the workplace and retraining where required.

2016 was a hugely rewarding year for me personally and I’m not referring to the lovely, flattering and very kind awards bestowed on me!  Seeing the result of our groups and clubs and the real people who join us continues to inspire me.  The new amputees ‘finding their feet’ was what I’d hoped for and I’ve seen a lot of them doing some pretty incredible things.  They are challenging themselves and achieving so much it makes me very proud of what we all do here at FYF, along with your continued help and support. Perhaps more surprising and more moving though is seeing long term amputees, who haven’t pushed themselves in many years, doing some tough, some exciting and some hilarious challenges for the first time. In doing so they are finding themselves and their confidence again and that’s the best reward I could ask for.

That’s what we do.  That’s where your money goes.  Thank you for supporting us.

Dr Cor x