NHS gives thanks to Simon

May 14, 2020

We received this unexpected email from an NHS worker today and we’d like to share it with you…

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to FYF trooper Simon. He called one of our service users post transfemoral amputation in Hairmyres Hospital. Unfortunately this gentleman’s surgery was scheduled as an emergency, this gave him little time to comprehend the challenges that he may face. He was understandably very distressed on the hospital ward and the challenges surrounding Covid-19 increased his feelings of isolation and anxiety.

The physiotherapy team are extremely thankful to both FYF and Simon for taking the time to call him. Following his conversation with Simon he was able to participate in all of his rehab sessions and will now go on to limb fit in the near future. He explained that after speaking to Simon he felt very motivated to get back on his feet. He was able to understand that feelings of anger, frustration and sadness are experienced by many amputees and he appreciated Simons explanation of his own journey. The difference in this service users outlook and mood were extraordinary. I honestly believe that without Simons kind and motivational words this mans outcome may have been very different.

There are not enough words to thank Finding Your Feet and Simon. Our team are grateful for all the support you offer both our team and our lovely service users. Thank you so much for continuing to provide such a high level of support during a global pandemic! We are in awe of how quickly the charity have adapted to reach so many during this time.

Our team miss our monthly visits and we hope to see you soon.”