We became partners with Kesero in October 2021 with our Battle of the Brands fundraising event and are excited to be working together to help our Troopers. Kesero is a skills sharing app and they’re generously offering our Troopers some free extra hours to use.

A little information from Kesero…

Kesero is a new app that’s been created to help break down financial barriers and give people an opportunity to create a better, more fulfilled life by connecting with their community to share skills.

Our app connects people who want to swap a few hours of their time doing something they’re good at, for services that they would otherwise have to pay for. All exchanges are time-based, and all skills are valued equally.
We want to make life a little easier for people but at the same time help them support their local community by sharing skills and expertise for mutual benefit. Each Kesero member begins with two hours in their account. At the end of each skill exchange, time is automatically transferred between accounts, leaving members free from any awkward requests for ‘payment’.

Find out more about Kesero here.