R3NDER Product Development have been fantastic supporters of ours.  We worked with them on our Augmentors project and they’ve done a lot of fundraising and awareness-building for us.  Jordan joined us on our Kilimanjaro trek in 2018 and Kiltwalk 2019, and they designed an AmpuTea towel to give away to their customers instead of Xmas cards in 2018.  Scroll down to view the AmpuTea towel and the poem they wrote just for us.

R3NDER provide a range of product development support services, including advanced photorealistic 3D animation and rendering.  To find out more about them, click here.

We at R3NDER love a brew –
green tea, black tea, Earl Grey too.
But what’s the tea towel got to do
with Christmas wishes sent to you?

The AmpuTea towel and Santa Claus
have found indeed a mighty cause
But Finding Your Feet at Christmas time
is a difficult thing to get to rhyme.

Their aim is clear; to lend a hand
to amputees across the land.
Some lack hands, some lack feet,
but they formed a band to make ends meet.

Amputees struggle, it’s never planned.
It’s a whole heap of trouble just getting to stand,
but keeping it stable and all straight and narrow,
will send special people up Kilimanjaro.

For amputees in this festive season,
it can be dreadfully hard to give life some reason,
but with each passing day this charity wiles
to turn Finding Your Feet into Finding Your Smiles.

The charity’s growing at breakneck pace.
Arms and legs all over the place!
Now is the time; the ball’s in your court,
it cannot be done without your support!

As we draw to a close, in front of the fire,
bear a wee passing thought for your favourite supplier.
Let this towel remind you as you sip on your brew,
to fling a few quid to FYF too.