Stevie Kidd Pathway

Stevie Kidd has been a long time supporter of both Cor and the charity. On top of generous donations, Stevie has introduced countless fundraisers and supporters to the work we do! He regularly invites Cor to speak at his Reach Your Peak events, helping build her profile and spread the FYF word. In support of our charity, Ross J Dougan from the team completed an immense 102 km ultra-marathon through the mountains of Hanoi, Vietnam in 2019. In 2020, Ryan Kidd from the team also took a challenge of his own, pulling 140kg for a mile to raise money for amputees across Scotland. In 2021, Stevie Kidd generously brought Trooper Ann-Marie to be mentored by one of his delegates, Jasmin Corbett, at his motivational Reach Your Peak Event and she loved it!

A little information from Stevie Kidd Pathway…

Find your path to a stimulating, accomplished and exhilarating life, with a healthier mind, body and energy. Ignite the passion and unconditional love in your relationships and become the leader you have always aimed to be.

Stevie Kidd’s face to face coaching, personal development pathways and events will assist you in bringing intentional change and begin the journey to where you want to be. Solutions that align to your life, your time and your budget. 

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