‘PerfectlyMe Campaign

February 1, 2017

Seventeen Magazine shine spotlight on Pamela Reynolds For Their #PerfectlyMe Campaign


If you’re an avid Instagram user, you may already be aware of Seventeen Magazines #PerfectlyMe campaign that was launched back in October. In an attempt to “get the conversation going about body image and to create a community where we accept and celebrate ourselves — and each other — for the amazing individuals we are.”, readers are encouraged to share their body confidence messages and body positive role models to inspire young people and make social media a safer place.

One young lady that was featured is Pamela Reynolds, a 17 year old who has a remarkable story of triumph over illness. After losing both legs and some of her fingers amputated due to childhood meningitis, Pamela talks about the upbringing she had and how her parents impacted her positive outlook on life.

“I wrote about how I have no problem with my legs; that’s the way God made me. You can’t hate something you can’t change,” she told the Times and Democrat online in an interview about being part of Seventeen’s campaign.

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“Because everything happened when I was so young, how I look has never seemed weird to me. I consider my body normal because this is just the way I am. I grew up with a pretty strong self-image because my parents and sister have always told me that I’m perfect and I believed them,” she wrote. “I’ve had to deal with other people’s awkward stares and reactions to my prosthetics, and that’s when it hits me that I don’t look like most people. I’ve wondered, Is that okay? Should I feel sad? But then I remind myself that I rock at life. You name a sport and I’ve done it: cheerleading, softball, tennis, track, swimming. These days, I play varsity soccer and volleyball, and I even have a job as a lifeguard. I may not have “real” feet, but I can save your life because I’m a bada** like that,” she wrote.

Pamela inclusion gives much-needed visibility to the differently-abled community in the mainstream media and we hope to see more fantastic inspirational people being featured in TV, Films, Fashion Magazines and more in the future.

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