Cash 4 Clothes & Music Magpie

Looking to have a bit of a clear out? Well how about raising cash for amputees at the same time?!

Music Magpie

We’re collecting CDs, DVDs, computer games (all in their original cases, not damaged and with barcodes), authentic LEGO in good condition and books. Please drop in your donations to the FYF office before Thursday 13th June.

Clothes for Cash

As this clothing will be re-sold by ‘clothes for cash’ we can’t accept the following items:

  • Damaged or stained clothing
  • A single item which should be part of a pair
  • Curtains, cushions or rugs
  • Bedding or dressing gowns

If you’re not sure about any of your items please get in touch. thanks.  Please drop your donations to the FYF office before Thurs 13thJune.

We are generally open office hours but please get in touch to make sure there will be someone in when you arrive! Call 0141 258 4868.