Cor’s New Hands!!

January 9, 2019

5 years ago today (9th Jan) , Cor started our charity. She has been on the list for a double hand transplant since then, and has painstakingly campaigned for people to register for organ donation. This morning, Cor woke up and she was OFF the list. A team of incredible surgeons including Professors Kay and Hart worked tirelessly for 12 hours to attach her new hands. All of this happened on the anniversary of this beautiful community she created out of tragedy. You could call it fate. It’s bittersweet, because transplants require a donor. That person and their family have changed many lives today. They’ve made it possible for a Mum to hold her son’s hand again. Cor will not waste a moment of what they’ve given her. Life is a course of mountains and valleys. Today is a mountain.