“We must protect the NHS” Cor Hutton

December 11, 2019

Finding Your Feet founder Cor Hutton has stood up and spoke out for the NHS amid a very testing time for one of the most important services in our country. Over a period of six years, the NHS has saved her life, provided her with physical rehab, taught her to walk on prosthetics and much more. In early 2019, as part of pioneering surgery, she became the first Scot to receive a double hand transplant. It’s no exaggeration to say that Cor would not be here today were it not for the availability of this vital service.

Through the charity, we see many people who rely on the services the NHS provides. Many of these people are within a vulnerable section of society and fear being unable to receive the care or treatment they need should the NHS continue to be put under extreme strain.

Please share and help us do our part to nurture, improve, help and thank the NHS and the incredible staff who dedicate their lives to the lives of others.