Dundee Get’s Fit!!

May 3, 2018

Our Dundee Troopers have been going from strength to strength at our Fitness Sessions and are now working out at the Good Health and Fitness gym with our Personal Trainer Nicole Tait.  She had this to say about them recently:

“Over the past 6 months I have been working with a group called Finding Your Feet. They are a charity which supports families, of all ages, affected by amputation or limb difference via sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects. Groups are run across Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Leeds and vary from swimming and yoga to crafts and coffee.

We have been working together during an exercise class once a week. Originally starting out with a group exercise class in a bowling club with portable equipment, the group flourished and have since moved in to the gym environment at GHF to aid their progress. Our main goals starting out was to gain strength and stability, get sweaty and loose a bit of weight.

The mind set within the group is one of progress with a no limits attitude. They are achieving things in the gym whilst many others their age might be in the pub or sitting around contemplating getting up to find the tv controls.

However this is not about β€˜no excuses’ or β€˜you are so inspiring’. This is about doing something we should all be doing. We all have excuses, we all have our own mountain to climb but we also have a duty to look after our selves in the best way we can to the best of our current situation.

All members of the exercise group are lower limb amputees and have all been working on building overall strength and fitness to aid their daily life. We have used exercises like chest press, planks, hip hinges, squats and hip thrusts. As each member has different requirements we have been able to adapt the exercises so everyone gets in a good workout. Since moving into Good Health and Fitness we have been able to broaden the range and difficulty of exercises due to the equipment available.

This group has proven that adaptability is key when it comes to keeping fit. Get creative with how and why you move and if you can’t think of a way to do that, find someone who can help you”  

Well done everyone!!