FYF’s #DifferentIsNormal Campaign

January 22, 2019

When Cor Hutton woke up from surgery having lost her hands and lower legs, she knew she was ‘different’. What she has come to realise is that difference should be embraced. Her ‘normal’ isn’t the same as the next person’s, and she realised this by openly talking about her insecurities and realising that everyone has some of their own.

We too often strive for perfection online. We talk about the good days but not the bad. We are all different, so different is normal. We all have insecurities that we keep inside. Let’s talk about them.

Post something you’re insecure about or which makes you feel ‘different’, whether it’s mental or physical, with #DifferentIsNormal and a picture which relates to it. Nominate some friends to do the same. Let’s make social media a more open and honest place, and get rid of the stigma of being different.