He did it!!!!

We’re all facing mountains and difficulties right now, it just so happened thatย Lee’s was Everest. With one leg, he has reached Base Camp (5,380 metres) to raise money for amputees. This is the the good news we needed to hear and it’s just incredible to see. To do it anyway is amazing, to have that heavy prosthetic leg, all the extra equipment, medical supplies and worries that come with it is just on another level. We chatted with Lee before he left and his confidence was sky high. He knew it would be challenging, but also knew that he had it within himself to do it. Thereโ€™s a lesson in there for all of us.ย 

Lee conquering his mountain will undoubtedly lead to other amputees conquering their own, whether thatโ€™s just getting out of bed in the morning or making it along to a gym session. We all have battles we fight and this kind of outstanding motivation sets an example and carries us forward. ย Thanks to Inspire Alpineย for getting him there.

Lee currently runs our Aberdeen group. Heโ€™s the friendly face new amputees will see when they first come along, and he encourages those in the local area to come along and get involved in new activities, including the cycling group heโ€™s setting up. We couldnโ€™t ask for somebody better.

This may get lost in the news and panic, but if you can show your support please do:ย http://bit.ly/lee-mt-everest-jg