MUST READ ?  This woman is nothing short of incredible…

January 11, 2022

Therese had an accident in 1992. After years of pain, knee replacement surgery, sepsis and after over 40 operations, she ultimately decided with her doctors to have an amputation in early 2020. Despite all of that, nothing stopped her from getting back to work, having four children and enjoying weekly competitive sport. The pandemic brought on its own challenges for her as a new amputee, with prosthetic centres closed and appointments hard to come by. But she managed. Of course she did.

You’d think she’d take a wee rest now, wouldn’t you? Well you’d be wrong. This Friday Therese will be taking on 10 activities, each for a 1 hour session, within a total time frame of 12 hours. Even looking at that schedule is exhausting. She’s doing it to raise money for us, @Scottish Disability Sport and NHS Aberdeen Physio Department. The grit and kindness on display here is just incredible.

We caught up with her today and she’s excited, anxious and ready to go. Above all, knowing she’s helping others is keeping her going. She happened to mention that raising £10,000 is a personal goal for her, so let’s help her do it.

Check out Therese’s GoFundMe page here