Partner Patter: Slater and Gordon Lawyers

August 20, 2020

Welcome to our latest Partner Patter! We’re going to be shining a light on the corporate partners who do so much to help us continue to provide the highest level of support and opportunities to the amputee community in Scotland. We’ll chat to someone from the company who was part of the decision to choose Finding Your Feet as their charity partner, find out a bit about what they do and why they chose us! Without further ado, we’re delighted to introduce Slater and Gordon…

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is one of the UK’s largest and well known law firms with offices in a number of locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Their mission is to provide people with easier access to world-class consumer legal services. The firm provides specialist legal and complementary services in a broad range of areas. With over 90 years’ experience, Slater and Gordon’s reputation is built on the range of expertise offered by their partners & staff, and on the scope of their practical experience.

With offices in Edinburgh, Slater and Gordon were instrumental in helping us set up our Edinburgh branch which is now thriving – and they continue to go above and beyond. They’ve volunteered at our Bionic Bash which is no easy feat when there’s over 400 people attending! They also volunteered at our Christmas party for the last two years making sure that our decorations were on point for Santa arriving.

Slater and Gordon presented us with the Limbless Association Community Award which was a huge honour for us. It was amazing to be held in such high regard by a charity that has been supporting amputees for 35 years.

In 2019 they organised and hosted an art exhibition in their Manchester office featuring young Trooper Taylor – who is a quadruple amputee and aspiring artist.

As if all of that isn’t enough, they have also fundraised for us on multiple occasions. In 2018, they hiked up Arthur’s Seat as many times as possible in one day to match the 90km Cor and our Kilimanjaro fundraisers covered! Earlier this year, Sarah completed the Meadows Half-Marathon with Cor and Ampbassador Brian Murray.

Sarah, who you’ll hear from below is a volunteer belayer at our climbing club in Edinburgh in her spare time, pretty much confirming that she is the kindest person on earth.

How did you find Finding Your Feet?
Some of my clients are involved with FYF and they mentioned the support they were getting, so I looked you up to find out more! The team and I found the work you do so inspiring that it was an easy decision to seek partnership… and the rest is history!

Does what you do tie in with the charity’s mission?
Yes absolutely. I am a medical negligence lawyer and I work to obtain compensation for clients who have been the victim of medical negligence. Several of my clients have suffered one or more amputations due to medical negligence. The aim of compensation is to put the client, as far as possible, back into the position they would have been if had the amputation not happened. Compensation can include funds for things like prosthetics and equipment to allow the clients to get back to enjoying the hobbies and activities which they had enjoyed before they suffered from the limb loss. Many clients also feel isolated and afraid after they have lost a limb and compensation can help them to arrange psychological support.

We often refer clients to Finding Your Feet, as you have been able to help provide them with support whilst their claim is going, and afterwards, and to show them the activities which they can still enjoy after their limb loss.

Why is it important for a business to have a charitable responsibility?
We are a large business and I think it is important that we support, in particular, charities who work with our clients and who can help to provide support and services which we, as lawyers, simply cannot provide. By supporting charities such as FYF we are helping to meet our clients’ needs too. The relationship we share has been beneficial for all involved, and this to me is a sign of a fantastic partnership and an example as to why Corporate Social Responsibility is so important.

What do you look for in a charitable partner?
A charity who can work with us to find exciting ways for us to fundraise for the charity, who can provide volunteering opportunities for us and who can provide services to our clients. The team building as a result of our fundraising and volunteering efforts has been so valuable, and we absolutely can’t wait for the next challenge.

Have you had a chance to meet the FYF Troopers?
Yes, I have attended Ampu-Teas, volunteered with the climbing club, volunteered at a Bionic Bash and completed the Edinburgh Meadows (half) Marathon with Cor and Ampbassador Brian Murray. The Troopers are great and such an inspiration!

What inspires you about FYF?
You inspire amputees not just to get back to the hobbies they enjoyed pre-amputation, but also to try new and exciting activities, such as climbing, which they perhaps wouldn’t have thought about doing even before their limb loss!