Paul would walk 4350 miles for you! 

December 7, 2016

Amputee Paul Steyn walked 4350 miles over the past 15 months, through 9 provinces across South Africa, to raise funds for prostheses for amputees in need!

Founder of the Paul Steyn Foundation, Paul stepped up to the personal challenge to raise money by travelling the country on his own, sleeping in hotels and camping to raise money through corporate sponsorship and donations – all in a bid to help his initial goal of six amputees.

After losing his own leg in a lawnmower accident at the age of 13, Paul now believes that there is no such thing as a disability and refuses to let the loss of his leg interfere with his life. An avid fan of extreme sports and skydiving, Paul has raised enough money to help 16 people get prosthetic limbs. His overall dream is to raise enough money for a mobile workshop where he can travel all over the country helping amputees gain access to prostheses.

Donate to Pauls cause here.