Updates from Samantha, Our Tall Ship Trooper

January 9, 2018

SHE’S HOME!!   We sent Sam, a double amputee, on a life-changing voyage. She was part of the crew on a tall ship for 7 days sailing around Gran Canaria. Although phone signal was intermittent, you’ll find all her updates below!   To donate to Sam’s fundraising page, just click here.

“It’s been brilliant, we’ve not set sail yet but already I feel like I’m part of the voyage family. The atmosphere is amazing. The steps are steep but there’s lifts for you. I will need a week in the Maldives after this! It’s a real challenge, no home comforts just friendly happy people mucking in. I’m going up the rigging tomorrow”

“It’s one of those bucket list things – I didn’t expect this. It’s a very hardworking ship. They don’t like slackers and there’s names for everything like the toilets are heads and cleaning is happy hour haha! Not to mention all the sails have names and fucnctions. It’s baffling me at the moment but they that’s okay it’s like learning klingon at first. From the minute you’re up you’re working. You also have a watch job which is 4 hours and can be anything from the middle of the night or day. We have watch leaders in each group and he takes us upto the helm where we watch for any boats ships or anything that’s there and we also learn how to steer which I’ve done twice now! We couldn’t get off at fortuvenura today, the harbour was full, so we’re sailing to rubicon where we are going on shore for tea and a look around”