Product Research

November 11, 2020

We have been contacted by a young student who’s looking for a volunteer to help with her GCSE Product Design coursework.

In her words –

I need to create a product to help people who may struggle to carry out some everyday activities. I chose to look into upper limb amputee prosthetic users and am looking for a volunteer to answer some questions over the phone regarding everyday tasks, ways and existing products to overcome any difficulties associated with these tasks.

Over the next 4 months, I will be designing and creating a product which hopefully aids one of their issues. It would be great if they would be able to even test the product sometime down the line, however, I completely understand if this is not possible due to COVID as testing the product would require a meeting in person. (hopefully, the situation will be better in Jan/Feb time)
Thank you so much.

If you’re an Upper Limb Amputee and would like to help please get in touch here. Thanks.