Ways to improve Prosthetics

May 15, 2019
We’ve been in touch with a post-graduate who’s researching prosthetics and looking to help prosthetic users. Yann is interested in talking to all with: amputations, congenital limb differences, upper and lower. It’s all quite fascinating! If you can spare the time, please send Yann an email and get chatting to him to find out more.
“Hello everyone,
My name is Yann and I am currently looking at ways to improve prosthetics (I am a mechanical engineer working with a robotic engineer). I am looking to speak with amputees in order to understand the reasons you may or may not be using a prosthetic, and what the pros and cons of it are.
I would love to have conversations over the phone to see ways I could help advance prosthetics technology, and improve the life of their users.
You can reach me via email at yann.glauser@gmail.com and we can organise a phone call
Many thanks,