Facebook Community Support Groups

Thousands of Britons have joined local Facebook groups offering food and support for elderly and vulnerable people during the coronavirus outbreak.

The groups, named Covid-19 Mutual Aid / Coronavirus Community Support have been set up throughout the UK, with many creating printable postcards which can be dropped through neighbours letterboxes from people offering to pick up shopping, post mail or even just join them for a ‘friendly phone call’.

If you’d like to offer support or need help and support yourself with anything,  you can search for any of the keywords ‘Covid-19’ or ‘Coronavirus Community Support’ and add your area to see what’s available.  If you’re not on Facebook, perhaps a family member can search on your behalf?

Next Door Neighbourhood hub

The App Next Door is also connecting communities and is a great way to stay informed about what’s going on in your neighbourhood— whether it’s reaching out for support or sharing safety tips. There are so many ways our neighbours can help us and this is a great way to connect.