There are lots of groups which have been set up to allow everybody to share ideas for people, families and kids isolating.ย  Check them out below.

FYF have set up a new group with live chat, friendship and virtual clubs like yoga and meditation. We may be isolating, but we’re not alone. Amputees and those with limb absence can join here.

They share Creative Ideas, DIY Projects and all other ideas that anyone is able to do at home. Check them out here.

As lots of us self-isolate or prepare for family lockdown.ย  Here’s some useful information which might help.

โ€˜There are some simple steps we can all take that will make a huge difference,โ€™ says Caroline Abrahams at AGE UK.

Check out the article here.

This group has been set up to provide support, tips and ideas if you are at home with your family in light of the Coronavirus. Being at home with children can be challenging at the best of times and so extra help, support and planning can make this uncertain time hopefully a bit easier!ย  Click here.