Access Ramps

How do I get a ramp fitted?

This is a question we’re often asked and the process can be a little different depending on your circumstances, whether you’re a home owner or tenant or where you live.  Hopefully the information below answers some of this for you.


In Scotland, local authorities are able to provide grants for housing adaptations. Only those in receipt of certain benefits will qualify for a 100% grant. Others could receive 80%.

To have your entrance adapted you will need to contact the Social Services Department at your local authority. They will be able to undertake an assessment of what you need and tell you what they can provide. You have a right to this assessment.

Find local Social Service Contact here:

The Council can do a free home assessment with an OT to see what equipment you need in the home, also done via Social Services.  We would always recommend you have a friend, neighbour or family member with you during an assessment for any home improvements, as often two heads are better than one.  Especially if you’re not confident to explain your situation or just to take some notes.

Citizens Advice can help fill out any application forms:

If you own your own home you can download this leaflet for more information. Funding Leaflet


Grant Funding

For expensive adaptions like widening doors you can apply for grant funding for some of the cost.


Rented Accommodation

If you live in rented accommodation you’ll find some useful information about adapting your home here.


There are many places (with a quick google) where someone could hire a ramp if they could afford to.  People who have been waiting a long time for the council to install could also write to their local MSP to try and push the case on.


England, Wales and Northern Ireland

You can apply for a grant if you or someone living in your property is disabled and you are the owner occupier, a tenant (private, local authority, housing association, and licensee) or landlord of the property.

If you are a tenant in rented accommodation you can either apply for the grant yourself or your landlord can apply on your behalf.

More info: Disability Aid Funding: