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Who wants to put on their cape and become a Step Superhero this February?

2 million steps in 28 days to raise money for the amputee community. That’s it. That’s all you and your team of heroes have to do. The Step Superheroes challenge is your chance to get active for a good cause throughout the whole month of February. Twenty teams took part last year, and together we took 80 million steps and raised over £23,000. It was an incredible boost for our charity and everybody involved – even those who got caught in the rain and snow – absolutely loved the experience. The challenge is totally inclusive, too. If you use a wheelchair to get around, we can use a simple distance to steps converter to track your progress.

What’s involved…

  • Create a team

  • Do 2 million steps between you throughout February

  • Raise money for amputees

  • Prizes for teams with most money raised and highest average steps

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities (if you use a wheelchair, we can work out steps based on distance!)

Each week there will be two leaderboards – one for most money raised and one for highest team average steps taken. Did we mention the FYF team will be taking part as well? So we could really do with your support… Teamwork, exercise, and competition – this challenge has it all. All you need is a team, a smart watch/phone to track your steps and a group fundraising page. Check out the JustGiving tutorial below. Oh, and full disclosure… when we say cape, we mean raincoat, because the weather is about to get crazy.



If you have any questions or are struggling to get signed up, click below to get in touch with our fundraising coordinator Eilish.

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