The Step: 2 Million Challenge

January 20, 2021

Who wants to be a step millionaire? In February, the Finding Your Feet team have a challenge:

9 people

13 legs

5 prosthetics

28 days

2 million steps

We’ll be fundraising, but we haven’t decided on which charity yet. Bad joke, sorry. Obviously we’ll be raising money for the amputee community to allow us to continue providing vital support during the pandemic and beyond.

But it’s not just us, there are 20 teamsΒ taking part. It’s turning into a right wee competition, which is just as well because that’s a good motivator when we’re walking in the torrential rain and snowstorms…

So, to recap…

  • Team challenge to reach 2 million steps in February

  • Raise money to support amputees

  • Prize and bragging rights for the team with the most average steps and most money raised

If you can, please donate to our team here.

Leaderboard – Week 3