Finding Your Feet has received the backing of a host of A-list celebrities including Mel Gibson, Gerard Butler, Robert Carlyle, Vinnie Jones, Andy Murray, Les Dennis and Lesley Joseph, all of whom have shown their support for those facing amputation or limb absence. Find out who else has supported Finding Your Feet…

Ronny Delia

Ronny Delia took time away from the pitch to show us his support and add his print to our wall of fame!

Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont BEM holds the record for cycling round the world in less than 79 days! We now hold a copy of his handprints! How cool is that!

Des & Jennie

Capital Scotland co-presenters Des Clark and Jennie Cook are great supporters of FYF and were both very happy to give us their handprints.

Nicola Sturgeon

Scotlands’ First Minister was quick to say ‘YES’ when we asked for her handprints for our campaign.

Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton is our latest former football manager to put his hands up and show his support for FYF.

Alex Jones

Alex was only too happy to give us her handprints to show how much she supports FYF and the work that we do.

Neil Morrissey

Neil was on his best behavior when he gave us his handprints to show just how much he supports FYF.

Kevin McNally

Avast ye…..Pirates of The Caribbean star, Kevin McNally,  was only too happy to give us his support and of course his handprints.

Matt Baker

Presenter of ‘The One Show’ Matt Baker, shows his support for Finding Your Feet by joining our handprint campaign.

Martin Compston

Martin didn’t feel it was all in ‘The Line of Duty’ to give us his handprints and show us his support!

Greig Laidlaw

These hands have help Greig gain the record of most caps as captain of the Scottish National team and now we’re lucky enough to have their prints on our wall!

Levi Roots

We love super cool Levi Roots’ blinged up handprints!

Frank McAvennie

Frank’s a former Scottish footballer, playing for both Celtic and West Ham and now he’s a FYF supporter and a member of our wall of fame.

Justin Currie

Glasgow rockstar Justin Currie of Del Amitri took a break from recording to give us his handprints!

Chick Young

Well known football pundit Chick Young was only too happy to come along and show his support of FYF and add his prints to our wall!

Ulreka Jonsson

Ulreka was happy to support FYF and add her handprints to our Wall of Fame.

Charlie Flynn

“The Mail Man delivers! Superstar and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Charles ‘Charlie’ Flynn puts up his fists for Finding Your Feet.”

Robert Carlyle

“Maryhill boy… Hamish MacBeth… Begbie – he’s The Full Monty. One of our favourite Scottish actors puts his hands up to help his ain folk.”

Vinnie Jones

“Favourite Hollywood hard man and former professional footballer, Vinnie Jones, puts his hands down in aid of Finding Your Feet.”

Ally McCoist

It was only right that Rangers legend Ally McCoist changed things a little and gave us a print of his feet instead!  Now they’re on our wall of fame…fantastic!

Ford Kiernan

“Funny man Ford Kiernan shows he’s Still Game by putting his hands up for Finding Your Feet.”

Jason Donovan

“Eighties heartthrob Jason Donovan shows his support For Finding Your Feet, Sealed With A Kiss of course.”

Danni Cipriani

“Cute Casanova and star of England rugby, Danny Cipriani, scores a touch down for Finding Your Feet.”

Stephen Purdon

“Its only Shellsuit Bob! – River City’s most cheekie chappie putting his hands up for FYF”